Bath Slut


Bath Slut is a female owned brand that's putting 'sexy' into self-care! We believe that mental health and body positivity are an important part of everyday life, and everyone deserves to feel sexy AF! So we created a line of bath products that are luxurious, silky and good for you!

I started Bath Slut because I am obsessed with baths, especially ones that bubble and moisturize! Taking a bath is my favorite self-care luxury and necessity! There’s no better place to mentally unwind, explore your deepest thoughts and feel empowered in all your sexiness than when you’re naked and in the bath. It’s the ultimate ‘me time’ and that's something we all need, every-single-day! Add some beautiful smelling, feeling (and looking) products into the mix and you have the perfect self-care oasis! But as much as we care about feeling good mentally and physically, we also want to make sure that what we’re putting on our body is good for us! So, I set out to create the perfect line of bath products starting with bubble bath and bath salts. My criteria? The products had to be plant-based, non-toxic, have fewer ingredients/additives, provide loads of bubbles, moisturize generously, and smell good! After a lot of research and trial and error, we now have a range of plant-based products that are so yummy you won’t want to leave your bathtub! Our fragrances range from floral and fruity to earthy and woody so there is something for everyone!

Our mission - to get everyone soaking in a silky, bubbly, BS bath and loving the skin they’re in! So, get naked and step into the Tub Life and experience sexy self-care you can feel good about.

Rene Rainey,

Founder - Bath Slut

Lebanese, Mother, TV Producer, Dog Walker, Laundry Doer, Cook (but I don't do dishes)!